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Head Hostess/Hostess 迎宾领班/迎宾员

  • 国际五星级酒店  |
  • 50-150人  |
  • 2020-05-27

  不限工作经验  不限学历   招1人  性别:女
  不限 不限 不限   年龄:不限


The scope of this position is to ensure the delivery of highest quality of customer service and welcoming; as well as working together with the restaurant and bar teams on organizing the flow in order to run a smooth operation.



伊蒂哈德航空公司 www.qozpws.com.cn 电 话:021-33391806
联 系 人:人力资源部 Serene
电子邮箱:[email protected]
地 址:上海市徐汇区建国西路480号


Originally built in the 1930s by French real estate company Foncière et Immobilière de Chine, the Jian Ye Li estate located within the historical and cultural preservation zone of the Xuhui District is comprised of the ultra-luxury Capella Shanghai, Capella Residences and The Gallery, a retail destination for lifestyle brands. Sensitively restored for the affluent clientele, these “shikumen” buildings are a marriage of traditional Shanghainese and Western architectural styles which first appeared in the 1860s. The Jian Ye Li estate is a showcase of Shanghai’s residential heritage featuring Chinese courtyard houses with Parisian flair.
坐落在徐汇区历史文化风貌?;で慕ㄒ道镒畛跤煞ü夭蘁oncière et Immobilière de Chine 于上世纪30年代建成,现在由超奢华的上海嘉佩乐酒店、嘉佩乐公寓和The Gallery(生活方式品牌的零售目的地)组成。这些“石库门”建筑经过精心修复,结合了传统的上海风格和西方的建筑风格(于19世纪60年代首现于上海)。重塑后的建业里展现出将海派文化和巴黎风格相结合的上海住宅旧日风貌。

Capella Shanghai, is the city’s only all-villa urban resort with 55 villas complemented by the legendary Capella Living Room, the award-winning Auriga Spa, a French brasserie and intimate event venues. Capella Residences are fully functional with 40 apartments for the discerning clientele in search of ultra-luxury accommodation. The Gallery, which forms the facade of the Jian Ye Li estate, is a collection of niche retail lifestyle brands.
上海嘉佩乐酒店是上海唯一的全别墅式城市度假村,坐拥 55 栋别墅,并辅以传奇色彩的嘉佩乐客厅、备受赞誉的 Auriga Spa(御夫座水疗中心)、法式餐厅和私人活动场馆。嘉佩乐公寓于为寻找超奢华住宅的眼光独到的客户带来40套公寓。The Gallery 则是建业里的“门面”,这里聚集了众多精品零售品牌。

The Hotel works closely with Mr. Pierre Gagnaire whose 16 famous restaurants all over the world have received 17 Michelin stars. The Hotel restaurant le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire is Mr. Pierre Gagnaire's first restaurant in mainland China and conferred one star in the 2019 Michelin Guide Shanghai.
酒店与Pierre Gagnaire先生紧密合作,他旗下遍布全球的16家著名餐厅已经获得了米其林授予的17颗星。酒店餐厅le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire是Pierre Gagnaire先生在中国大陆的第一家餐厅并荣膺《米其林指南上海2019》一星食府殊荣。

About Capella Hotel Group嘉佩乐酒店集团简介:

Capella Hotel Group, headquartered in Singapore with offices in China, Europe and USA, offers global hospitality management services through two distinct brands. Capella Hotels and Resorts is an ultra-luxury hotel, resort, and residential concept designed for the most discerning travelers and offering personalized attention with locations in Dusseldorf, Singapore, Shanghai, Ubud and Sanya as well as hotels planned for Bangkok, Maldives and Sydney. Learn more at www.capellahotelgroup.com.

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